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A place where Leaders, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, and others in the Organizational & Agile Transformation industry stand up, take charge, and expand their arsenal with new tools, immersive learning, tips, and techniques to lead organizational changes from any seat. 


Regardless of where you are on your agile leadership journey, this is where you need to be. 

What you get

Outcomes of Significance

Action Learning Lab 

Carefully curated short sessions to get to specific outcomes that can be used to transform businesses & create the right systems in your business so you can focus on your clients & teams. 

Co-Elevation Sessions

Tactical sessions focused on topics ranging from determining the right systems or flow for a business, what needs to be automated ASAP and what doesn't based on your strengths, when to step away from a org or client, and so much more.

Clinics & Action Days

Sometimes you just need more hands-on-help from a different perspective. We bring in other specialized experts that can walk you through things step by step. 


Weekly Results Series

Every week you get an action to take for fast results for your clients and yourself. 1 incremental action is 10x better than trying to do everything all at one time. #Overwhelm


Earn DashCash

Action is rewarded. Seriously. Action is in the name of the company. Earn points for every thing you do in The Collective which leads to Club recognition and free stuff like t-shirts, free classes, deep discounts on the upcoming retreats, and more. 


"Easter eggs" are not just for Blockbuster movies. We hide them in our classes too. Unlock freebies to move you further faster! #GetITDone



Why we exist...

To help you change your world. It's time to show up and show out in all the best ways. 



Small businesses fueled the world by employing 59 million people but only 40% of those businesses are profitable.


Now many of them are closed. 


What businesses need NOW is . . .


There are simply not enough experienced business leaders & coaches. "Yesteryear" is not coming back. Are you going to step up and create the new normal?


Gartner says the top 5 priorities are organizational change, change management, diverse leadership pipeline, the employee experience & the impacts to the client experience.


Change requires helping a person, team, or business get from here to there. It takes a different view to see past the obstacles to long lasting change.

Six Livestream Intensives


  • Session 1: Emotional Intelligence

    Research shows a strong correlation between success in life and at work and a well-developed emotional intelligence muscle. EQ is widely recognized as a key factor in professional—as well as personal—success. This training workshop will help you to identify the key domains that impact emotional intelligence and to practice activities that build emotional competencies, as well as help you to adapt your responses and reactions for better outcomes.

  • Session 2:  Lean-In: Being Resilient During Times of Hard Change

    In this interactive workshop, leaders will learn about living in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment and what is required to lead successfully. Leaders will learn how to recognize and navigate the emotional shifts that happen during change and how to focus on well-being. As a result, they will walk away feeling more confident and equipped to handle the daily hiccups and challenges that come their way.

  • Session 3: Moving from Bud to Boss

    Making the transition from employee to manager for the first time can sometimes be a stressful and challenging event. In this workshop, participants will explore the challenges and opportunities that all new managers face when making that first leap into a supervisory role. To be successful, new managers need to embrace a collaborative mindset and earn the trust and respect of their team which may be difficult to do if they are now managing people they once worked with side by side.

  • Session 4: Building Leadership Coaching Skills

    Effectively coaching employees is key to helping your team develop to their fullest potential. This practical, interactive workshop gives leaders hands-on experience using coaching techniques in their work. Learn and practice how to get into the coaching mindset using a Team Coaching Assessment Grid to assess the strengths and opportunities of their team and determine what coaching conversations should be taking place with each team member.

  • Session 5: Having Difficult Conversations

    Most of us want to avoid difficult conversations. Usually that's based on a misconception that all conflict is bad. In reality, difficult conversations and conflict can push teams to be more innovative and take relationships to a new level of openness, honesty and understanding. In this workshop, participants explore “elephants” in the room and how to address them before they grow out of control. Identify symptoms and sources of the issue, exploring a natural approach in handling difficult conversations.

  • Session 6: Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams

    Remote work is one of the biggest drivers of transformation in the workplace. Due to the pandemic, technology, rising operational costs, and increasing globalization, remote teaming has increased 800% in the last five years. Maintaining team productivity and engagement in this new digital environment is a tall order. Learn how to establish best practices, incorporate agreements and use communication tools that work!



The #UNDENIABLE Collective is a community of leaders who are adding tools to their arsenal and using their authentic genius to help others.


Work in your zone of genius and you'll be in the best position to earn* while you keep the world moving.



If any of the following describe your professional goals, then The #UNDENIABLE Collective is the place for you.


    You're a a business leader looking for promotion.


    You're a coach or service provider building your business while helping others thrive in theirs.


    You need systems to decrease the overhead so your profit margin grows.


    You want your team to be a high performing getting-the-best-s**t-done kind of team.


    While helping businesses, you still want time to travel and to be with family and friends.


    You want to see families that look like yours thrive.


    You're looking for a comfortable place to learn, grow, and laugh with people who understand your view of the world.

STEAM & Hunger don't mix.

10% of all sales are donated to STEAM and organizations for feeding children. It is hard to concentrate with an empty stomach. It is hard to see a big bright future if you don't even know of opportunities. We aim to solve that with time, effort and donating to worthy causes. 


10% closer to NO more hunger!


Lynn Bonner

Transformation Specialist creating highly profitable businesses and happy get-the-right-things-done teams. Why? To create generational wealth by empowering new business owners and helping established companies stay intact, protecting employees and their families.


20+ years consulting for the Big 4 (Accenture & Deloitte). Most recent: AT&T, T-Mobile, U. S. Bank/Elavon.


Agile: Scaled Agile certified - SAFe Program Consultant with enablement for every role


Coaching: iPEC Coaching Program Certified Graduate, Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner, COR.e Dynamic Specialist, member International Coaching Federation (ICF)


I have years of experience backed with trained knowledge and certification. I didn't "fall" into Transformative Coaching. My skills are honed and I'm ready to help you.

This was an experience not a training. We jumped in, laid out a realistic plan on how to systematize my online business and then DID IT. Now my clients get my full attention instead of me dealing with distractions that do not add fun to my life or business. This was the best investment I could have made.


Success Coach

Lynn led our Business (Agile) Transformation of over 7K professionals. She was the key point of contact for creating the roadmap, training, and communications, to move us from traditional phased delivery. The change to agile DRASTICALLY shortened the time from customer request to delivery from 44 days to 20 days by (nicely & professionally) highlighting our bottlenecks, giving recommendations, and creating more collaboration across the organization.



Action Leadership Lab helped with getting clear on what I wanted and then providing a clear super simple step by step process to getting there. Now we own a home, kicked off our business and are living the life we always dreamed.


Business Coach

You receive:

  • Direct access to Lynn and her team for a fraction of what it  costs to hire a Executive Agile coach. 

    Value: $550 per hour

  • 6 Action Immersive Classes to learn and immediately apply for real change. More than "absorbing" info on  recording. Get in and do it! Recorded because we know life happens fast. 

    Value: $2,000 per class / 6 @ $12,000

  • Work and life alignment, covering money mindset, how to show up and show out in all the best ways, confidence, conflict skills, energy management, business management, business operations for easy flow so you can flourish and help others.

    Value: 10 hours saved a week x $100 Rate = $1,000 per week $52K

  • Monthly Specialized clinics addressing the unique experiences of business & agile coaches. For example, dealing with the refreshing happy feeling of a spoiled entitled adult brat or another "Karen" in your presence and how to keep your zen. 

    Value: $999 per session

  • Conversation playbooks to help guide conversations. Use these to escape the common pitfalls and prompt new innovative solutions. Stop stumbling on the right things to do next. 

    Value: Priceless

  • Community. Hang out with people doing what you, but in different industries and in different ways...people who look like US. You know the saying, "Hang around 5 people doing big things and you will be the 6th." I love hanging out with smart, driven, running-the-show-type women. Don't you?

    Value: Priceless - Network = Currency

  • Money-Back Guarantee. Risk free, 30 days. Get in, browse around, join a session and decide if this is the place for you. Cancel if it's not. 

  • Cancel anytime. This is a membership. No long term commitment. We just ask that you please give a 15 day notice so we can avoid charging you.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $70,000


 In addition to your one year membership you'll be eligible for deep discounts to the

#UNDENIABLE Retreat in October 2022!


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30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

Risk free, 30 days money back guarantee. Get in, browse around, join a session and decide if this is the place for you. Cancel if it's not. 

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